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Prices effective July 2022


ST, MT, LT, XT, SYM, EUPH, SB, MB, and LB series mouthpieces with silver rim, cup, and brass shank: $260

     Individual parts:
       rim (silverplated) $80 for standard shapes 
       rim (Lexan plastic) $80
 for standard shapes
       rim (goldplated) $150 for standard shapes   
       cup (silverplated) $100
       shank (unplated brass) $80


TU, CB, and XB series mouthpieces with silver rim, cup, and brass shank: $280
    Individual parts:
       rim (silverplated) $8
0 for standard shapes
       rim (Lexan plastic) $80 for standard shapes
       rim (goldplated) $160 for standard shapes   
       cup (silverplated) $120
       shank (unplated brass) $80

       Not available right now

       The pouches I have been providing are not available right now.


Custom rim shapes (to copy a rim that I have not previously made) are DOUBLE price and are NOT RETURNABLE.

Semi-custom rim shapes, including half sizes, Semi-Round, medium-narrow, and some copies of other common mouthpiece rims are now available at $20 extra charge. Check the list or ask about what\'s available among my "standard" variations.

Threading $100 to thread your mouthpiece to use my screw-rim on it - if that is possible. This price includes silver plating.  NOT AVAILABLE NOW - a good job takes a lot of time, and I just don\'t have the time to do it.

Refinishing and silverplating a standard one piece mouthpiece $100.   When replating a threaded mouthpiece: I manufacture the threads of my rims and cups to work properly when plated the first time and maybe one more time. Replating sometimes makes the threads too tight to go together. Sometimes it makes a lot more sense to replace parts instead of replating.

NOT SOLD IN STORES.   Order by phone, mail, or email.   NOT SOLD IN STORES.  Order by phone, mail, or email.   NOT SOLD IN STORES

We accept credit cards and PayPal. Checks must be drawn on US banks.    We do not accept wire transfers, don\'t even ask.    

Advance payment is required for all orders. A full refund is given for returned parts in perfect condition. Normal use marks on the shank are okay. A refinishing charge will apply if plated parts are scratched or damaged: ESPECIALLY GOLDPLATED PARTS. Do not even consider returning a gold rim in less than perfect condition unless you\'re willing to pay for refinishing and replating at current prices. Plating is guaranteed to not blister or peel. Normal wear of silver and goldplating is not included - Our plating, both silver and gold, normally lasts for many years, but no plated object can withstand abuse such as carrying it in your pocket with coins or keys. Take care of it and it will last a long time.

2022 Shipping has gone up: US PRIORITY Mail is $10. International Priority Airmail is $42.  Express Mail, Global Express, FedEx, UPS, other priority shipping, or other carriers are inconvenient and I have to charge considerably more.

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